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          • Large Brewery Fermentation Tank

          - Product Description?-

          Fermentation Tanks
          Fermenter is also called CCT (Cylindrical Conical Tank), FV (Fermentation Vessel), primary fermenter or unitank as they are used both for fermenting and storage. TONSEN stainless steel fermenter can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are fully equipped with accessories such as pressure relief valve, CIP cleaning ball, sample valve, manhole,etc Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer. Bright beer takes place after fermenting and mainly function is to make the beer more clear and store a longer time. The fermenter can be top manhole or side manhole according to different client requirement for lager or ale beer brewing.

          Model: 2000L/20BBL
          Thickness"Inner (SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;
          External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2.0mm
          Material: Stainless steel 304
          Cooling way: Dimple jacket plate
          Cleaning way: CIP in situ cleaning, with rotary spray cleaning ball
          Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness:80~ 100mm
          Accessories: Sample valve, Pressure gauge, Breath valve, Temperature gauge,
          Top manhole, Washing ball, Butterfly valves, CIP Arm, Hop port, Discharge arm and so on
          Fermentation Tank Specification

          Tank Capacity:2000L/20BBL  (+25% Headspace minimum)
          Interior Shell:SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
          Exterior Shell:SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
          Welding:100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
          Interior Finish:Sanitary 2B finish, Pickled and Passivated;
          (8K Mirror finish optional)
          Exterior Finish:Oil brushed finish(2B, 8K Mirror finish optional)
          PolishingInterior full polished to 0.2~0.4 μm without dead corner
          Insulation:TH=80mm with low thermal conductivity PU
          Cooling:35% Glycol liquid -5℃
          Cooling Jacket:Dimple plate on bottom and side wall, welded without over burning
          Jacket testby water and gas, 5bar/75psi for 1hour, 3.5bar/52psi for 48 hours
          Jacket Working Pressure:< 2bar/30psi
          Tank leakage testby water and gas, 4bar/60psi for 1hour, 2.5bar/37.5psi for 48 hours
          Tank Working Pressure:2bar/30psi
          Dished Top:Dished top full polished
          Conical bottom:60° cone (customize)
          CIP Ball:Top mounted double clamp 360° rotary CIP spraying ball and port, 1pcs
          CIP arm:with four-way connection and butterfly valve
          CO2 blow-off arm:with butterfly valve (Removable)
          Sampling Valve:Full sanitary sampling valve 
          Hydraulic shock pressure gauge:on CIP arm
          Rotating racking arm:Horizontal mounted at cone with butterfly valve
          Discharge arm:With butterfly valve, Removable and easy to clean
          Glycol water port:In/out port on side wall and cone;
          Thick wall pipe thread (Top or bottom design available)
          Legs:4pcs completely SUS304 legs with braces;
          heavy duty foot pad 
          Accessories:Complete valves, fittings and all parts, Tri clamp/DIN Union available


          *Tonsen Brewhouse System
          Brewhouse is various in combinations of vessels, of course to achieve the same four steps mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, by special brewing intentions of brewer including wort output, wort gravity, sparging water, brews in certain time, brewing method etc. Tonsen accepts special design for these variations.
          Heating Methods: Electric, Steam, Gas fired
          Vessels: 2/3/4/5 Vessels;
          Regular: MLT+BKW+HLT
          Plate Heat Exchanger
          Motor: CE/UL Listed
          Pumps: CE/UL Listed
          Working Platform
          Brewhouse Pipelines and Valves
          Grist Case
          Wort Buffer Tank
          Hop Back
          Platform with Sink

          *Tonsen Fermenting system:
          according to our standard configuration, the complete beer brewing equipment with 6pcs two batches beer fermentation tanks or with 12 pcs one batch fermentation (based on 12 days fermenting period).
          The inside and external of tanks are adopt international standards 304 stainless steel material, mirror polished up to ≤0.8um≤0.6um≤0.2um polishing quality standards, fully meet the PLC automatic cleaning and disinfection of the controlled system requirements. Cone 60° resist compression design, with sample valve, CIP arm, racking arm, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, safety valves and so on.


          Brewery Equipment RequestComponents
          Milling systemMalt Miller
          Brewhouse SystemMash/Lauter/Boiler/Whirlpool Tank/Hot water tank
          Wort pump
          Heat exchanger
          Steam boiler (optional)
          Platform and Other accessories are matched
          Fermenting systemFermenter tank and BBT (Bright beer tank) Grinded SS304 with 2 layers
          Cooling systemChiller and Glycol water tank (Ice water tank, cold water tank)
          CIP SystemSterilization tank & Alkali liquor tank & CIP pump
          Control systemPID or PLC (SIEMENS program) as option
          Packing systemBottling/canning/kegging machine
          Trade TermEXW, FOB, CRF, CIF
          Payment TermT/T in advance

          Area Request<45㎡<60㎡<70㎡<90㎡<120㎡<140㎡<150㎡<180㎡<150㎡
          Brew master111-21-22-32-33-53-53-5
          MaterialInterior Shell: SUS304; TH=3mm; Exterior Shell:SUS304; TH=2mm / red copper
          HeatingElectric/Steam/Direct fire for optional
          Voltage3 phase/380(220, 415,440...)v/50 (60)Hz

          - Certificate?-

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